The slates produced by The Traditional Slate Co are made using the best quality rock from our partners Welsh Slate Ltd. We produce hand made slates that are required for the correct aesthetic and slating systems of our built heritage including traditional details. These traditional slates and details can be used in modern eco-build roofs providing correct slating methods are used. For further information please get in contact to discuss your project requirements. We can work with you and your design team to produce the wonderful details that once graced our beautiful built environment.

Heather Blue & Blue Grey Small vernacular slates


Small random sized slates ranging from 18"-5" in length with varying width. Their charm is lively and adds the appropriate slate appeal to the wonderful building stock in South West Wales

 Traditional Random Mix Heather Blue


A typical mix of slates ranging from 21"-5" in length and varying widths depending on your project. They suit any vernacular building with aesthetics required for repair and maintenance.

 The Leicestershire mix


Similar in style and size to match the local vernacular Swithland slates of Leicestershire including the method of production. These slates have the boldness of the swithland slates and come in 3 mixes. Heather-Blue, Blue-Grey and a mix of both colours.


Traditional Random Mix Blue grey 


A typical mix of slates ranging from 21" - 5" in length and varying widths depending on your project. 


Special Orders 


Special sizes can be made to order from lengths of 28" long and varying widths with a mix of colours in Heather-Blue, Blue-Grey or a mix of both to give a mottled look both.


Traditional Cornish Scantles


We produce traditional scantle slates using appropriate Rock.