St Michaels and All Angels Church

   Thorpe Satchville, Leicestershire

St Michael and All Angels church is a Grade II Listed Building which dates back to the 13th Century with alterations in the 18th, 19th,and 20th Centuries. The listing records the roof as "slate ridge roof" & "pyramidal slate roof" (British Listed Buildings) and no mention of the local vernacular slate called Swithland Slate. A condition survey was carried out and the results were to have the roof stripped and recovered using as much of the existing slates and making up the shortfall with slates from The Traditional Slate Company. The roof design on this particular building was interesting as the slates were bedded into a hot mix mortar which was then squeezed through the plaster laths and became the scratch coat of the plaster work. Each slate was singled nailed about 1" down from the Head of the slate (Top edge).

We produced a range of sizes from 20" - 8" with varying widths. 


Sawn plaster lath laid over the rafters with a counter batten ready for the slate batten



TSC slates being laid to a full bed of mortar

The original Swithland slates were all sorted and fixed on the South elevation with the traditional detailing. The North elevation and the Transept had The Traditional Slate Company "Leicestershire Mix". The slates were produced, holed, sorted and a setting out schedule produced by our own consultant to the required head laps. The slates were sent out in crates with all the coresponding sizes in clear labelled boxes. Full support to the main contractor and the slaters with our consultant to enable a smooth running project from start to finish.


Slates cut to valley details


Slates laid showing diminishing couses 

The slates give a warm charm 

Completed Project The Traditional Slates Company "Leicestershire Mix"

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